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Case Studies

Case Studies

Warneford Consulting and their trusted pre-qualified supply chain partners working in collaboration with their school clients, have combined to produce a selection of case studies.

The featured case studies are an indicative collection of the type of projects we have successfully delivered and where appropriate how they were funded.

These provide an insight into the breadth of services, clients, and funding streams and further what our clients say about us and the impact these projects have on the transformation of the school’s-built environment.

We seek to remove existing risks that threaten the safe delivery of a school’s curriculum, to improve the teaching and learning conditions, and to ensure that wherever possible life cycle and sustainability calculations have been a part of the design process and contribute to the increased the longevity of the fabric of the estate.

Understanding the client’s values and capturing their feedback via testimonials provide us with a working platform for continued improvement and also, an opportunity for future clients undertaking due diligence on Warneford Consulting, so see and hear what existing clients say about us.

The case studies page is subject to quarterly renewal, so if there are any specific case studies of interest, that are not featured that you would care to discuss, please do get in touch.