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Warneford Consulting provides Estate Strategy Services to Academy School Clients.

At Warneford Consulting, we are experts in Academy Estate Funding, Bespoke CIF Bid Writing, and Energy Management for Schools and Academies. We are a network of independent, academy funding and estate strategy specialists. 


Warneford Consulting works with trusts of all sizes to achieve Good Estate Management for Schools (GEMS) and provides a route map towards decarbonising their estates.

Our bid management services are valued by academy clients across England and we have a high success rate in winning Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) awards for Trusts. 

We combine estate and funding specialist services to maintain, improve, and optimise our clients’ built assets, resulting in efficient, sustainable, and fit-for-purpose teaching and learning facilities.

Comprehensive Consultancy

We provide a full suite of compliance, condition and energy surveys to bridge any existing gaps.

The data is collected, analysed and costed to produce plans and programmes such as PPM and which can be used for accurate tendering purposes.

Due to the nature of the dynamic system, we are able to undertake estate due diligence services and evidence what impact any new schools would have on the existing trust’s plans and programmes before any mergers take place.