A Network Of Independent, Academy Funding And Estate Strategy Specialists

Warneford Consulting is a network of independent, academy funding and estate strategy specialists, working exclusively with academies to maintain, improve and optimise their built assets – resulting in sustainable, efficient and quality teaching facilities.

Schools benefit from the following services;

Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) Bid Services

As a small consultancy, led by Tim Warneford, we cap the number of applications we submit, focusing on quality and a personalised bespoke and diligent client service providing a market leading success rate of over 90% and a bespoke and diligent client service, evident via our 90% client retention rate.

Our pre-qualified and RICS accredited chartered surveyors and supply chain are education sector specialists who share our commitment to exceptional customer care and have proven capability to deliver education projects on time, to budget, with zero defects and minimal disruption to school operations.

By matching our partners and specialists to meet specific client needs, we work with you to ensure that your bid stands out from the many other submissions.

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Energy Services

Working with sector leaders, Lloyds Bank, BCR and a wide network of funding and installation specialists, Warneford Consulting and partners provide a one-stop-shop for schools looking to understand and reduce energy costs, report on carbon and utilise their assets to generate renewable energy via the following services;

  • Energy Procurement – analysing your contract, rates and hidden terms and conditions – helping you secure the most competitive deal for your school.
  • Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) Services – supporting you to record and baseline your carbon emissions, advising on targets and options for reduction as part of annual account returns.
  • Energy Audits – installing loggers and meters to record energy usage data and provide data evidenced options appraisals that allow you to identify appropriate renewable energy installations such as Solar PV and LED lighting.
  • Energy Funding – assessment and sourcing of funding available for energy efficiency projects including; Salix, Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme and financial handbook compliant operating leases and power purchase agreements.

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Income Generation

Warneford Consulting and partners support schools to identify and realise opportunities to utilise and leverage their facilities to generate much needed income. Services include;

  • Asset Optimisation – Signposting you to potential partnering agencies such as Football Foundation, Sport England as well as private businesses, to generate revenue from under-utilised external and internal facilities.
  • Section 106 Community Infrastructure Levy – Working with highly specialised partners to identify both named and local provision of development funding, we assist in negotiations with the local authority and other parties to secure funding for expansion and sports development projects.
  • Land Disposal – helping schools with surplus land attract appropriate developers and gain SoS approval for disposal, allowing capital receipts to be reinvested in the school estate.

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Building Surveying Services

Through our network of pre-qualified and RICS accredited chartered surveyors, Warneford Consulting provide a broad range of surveying services, helping schools understand the condition of their assets and plan appropriately for their ongoing maintenance and compliance.

Services include; Compliance, Health and Safety Surveys, Condition Surveys, Planned Maintenance Programmes and Measured Surveys and BB103/4 analysis

We also provide due diligence services for expanding trust’s, supporting negotiating with Regional School Commissioners (RSC), local authorities and other stakeholders.


“I have enjoyed working with Warneford Consulting, preparing and submitting CIF applications. Tim will tell you what is and what is not possible and go the extra mile to ensure any bid is as robust as it can be”
Chris Honey
Trust Facilities Manager

“I was most impressed with the speed with which Tim and his supply chain partners surveyed and produced reports in support of a number of the trust’s schools CIF submissions. Tim’s evident experience and knowledge is of great value to the trust and we look forward to continue working with him. He is very client focused and highly dependable.”
David Harrison
Chief Operating Officer

“Tim has proven that he is always available for advice and when he himself does not have the ready answer, he will find out from his extensive supply chain partners. He clearly cares about his clients.”
Martin Cunningham
Director of Finance and Operations

“It been a fantastic experience working with Tim as he brings passion, knowledge and insight to every project, not only does he care about the best outcome but he has the skill set to help us achieve it”
Kevin Yardley
Director of Income Generation

“Tim’s knowledge and expertise, especially on the technical side of preparing our CIF bid, was amazing. Tim knows how to source the best consultants and contractors to ensure that we have the best chance of securing a successful bid. The attention to detail that is given to the bid is phenomenal and it’s all done in a polite and professional manner. Tim enthuses positive relationships between his clients and potential contractors.”
Nirmala Kumari
Trust Business Manager