Income generation

Warneford Consulting are delighted to welcome Kevin Yardley of Acquiesce Solutions to enhance our existing academy school client service provision.

Kevin will bring his vast and successful experience from both outside and within the education sector, attracting inward investment from appropriate partners across the sports and leisure industry to help trusts deliver facilities and, through them, develop additional income streams.

He will provide a strategic overview and hands-on management support to improve the quality of provision to customers and deliver a financially secure future for failing services.

He has developed partnerships across the industry allowing him to match facilities with commercial opportunities to increase revenue and deliver best value to the operator.

Olympic Legacy

Kevin has delivered Olympic legacy strategies across the host Boroughs for the London 2012 games. He drafted and implemented sports strategies which ensured long term benefits to local authorities, leisure operators and communities with sustainable business plans and enhanced sporting outcomes.

He was a key leader in growing the country’s largest aquatics programme in Barking and Dagenham which saw over 10,000 children a week take part in swimming activities and over 250,000 public visits each year.

Operating Lease successes including Sixth Form Sports Pitches

Kevin has most recently transformed the income generation and facilities model in education having developed the business activities of a financially struggling multi academy trust from a zero base to become the industry leader in that field. He has pioneered innovative funding models to deliver new build facilities for schools on operating leases, coupled with commercial partnerships, these buildings then deliver a net positive financial contribution to the host school.

This model has seen the introduction of new sporting facilities such as 3G pitches and the development of a new classroom and gym block. He has developed key strategic insights into delivering products and services in the educational marketplace, and the connections to ensure success.

Partner relationships and inward investment from leisure companies

Kevin has developed a track record of delivering large scale new facilities and improvements with innovative funding arrangements, for example new 50m swimming pools and 3G football facilities.

Kevin has achieved:

  • Transforming participation in swimming in the London Borough of Haringey, increased participation rates from the BAME demographic by over 10x and secured London Mayoral funding to upgrade swimming pools in schools across the borough
  • Delivered business planning consultancy to underpin the preservation of one of the UK’s largest indoor sports centres, the OREGEN Centre in Leyton, East London
  • Generated an additional £2.5million in revenue to Barking and Dagenham through the successful drafting and implementation of an aquatics strategy
  • Building a lettings business based at two schools, from the ground up to achieve over £500,000 income per annum
  • Income generation through electrical vehicle charging points
  • Monetising car parking spaces through solar powered EV charging stations, introducing new commercial partners for existing spaces and securing vital funding

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Optimising the school estate to generate additional revenue streams (Download PDF)

Partnerships – Building relationships
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The Academy Financial Management Conference 2022

Catch Kevin at the forthcoming Academy Financial Management Conference:

Case Study: Innovative Methods to Generate Additional Income and Capitalise on Resources Kevin Yardley

  • Identifying opportunities for additional income generation within the local community
  • Assessing current commercial activity: understanding what is not working, identifying potential, and taking action
  • Establishing the best uses and investments for the funds raised: improving staffing and resources for pupils
  • Advice to help smaller schools with fewer resources raise additional funds