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Estates due dilligence

Due Diligence Services

Warneford Consulting has created a bespoke ‘Estate’s Due Diligence’ package for those of our trust clients who are either converting from a grant-maintained to an academy school and for those Multi-Academy Trusts’ looking to expand.

The 2022 Schools White Paper has set out a route map and a time frame for the remaining 12,000 schools to convert by 2030.

For any school considering when to convert and whether to form or join an existing MAT, there are many forms of due diligence to undertake to ensure that each party is fully aware of their respective partners’ strengths and weaknesses, assets, and liabilities.

Warneford Consulting undertakes a form of estate due diligence that involves collecting, collating, and analysing the existing data held by the school, such as valuation figures, compliance, and condition reports.

We then produce a gap audit, filling in gaps where required, to produce a fully dynamic and costed report that our client can use in negotiations with parties such as the ESFA, regional school commissioners, and other stakeholders.

It can also be incorporated into the client’s existing strategic estate development plan, providing a bird’s eye view of each school’s assets and accompanying liabilities demonstrating how this fits at an overall trust level while meeting the ESFA’s best practice guide for Good Estate Management for Schools (GEMS).

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