Trust Estate Management

Warneford Consulting and Immortalis have combined estate management, procurement, cost and programme management expertise to develop a sector specific academy trust, estate management service.

Designed specifically to help trusts navigate through each stage of the estate management journey, this client tailored service provides trust estate managers with the tools and route map to plan, budget and execute works cost efficiently.

Why do I need it?

Trusts must ensure and evidence that their investment in assets prioritises building safety and compliance, targets areas in poor condition, improves energy efficiency, and addresses any health and safety issues.

In order to target, prioritise and balance fund allocations to these needs, it is imperative to understand how each school space is utilised, the condition of the key components that comprise the space, and how each school compares to the rest of the trust portfolio. This data is often in different formats, stored in different places and therefore non-comparable. Further adding to the task complexity, there is no standard formula with which to prioritise and evaluate priorities across a trusts estate.

Addressing these issues, Immortalis is designed to allow central capture and visualisation of asset data across the trust estate and provides an automated algorithm for the prioritisation of works based on estate management best practice. This system, complimented by the tailored consultancy provided through Warneford Consulting, assists trusts to make strategic estate management investment decisions supported by a clear rationale to support governance.

Expanding trusts can use the system to evaluate the impact of absorbing a new school into the estate portfolio, allowing quick due diligence to be undertaken to inform decisions.

Whether the trust is in receipt of school condition allocation (SCA) or is still eligible for condition improvement funding (CIF), effective and simplified asset management is critical. Immortalis provides confidence that budgets and works are aligned so that the trust’s estate remains compliant, fit for the future and provides staff and pupils with an environment that remains conducive to effective engagement and learning. It provides CIF eligible trusts evidence to substantiate need, priority and impact, increasing chances of award success.

How does it work?

Understanding the complexity and resource intensity involved in collating, evaluating, and analysing the breadth of asset data sets that make up a trust’s estate, Warneford Consulting, takes clients through a step by step journey which is tailored specifically to the trust’s data and asset management maturity as follows.

  • Standardise and Centralise data – asset survey data is cleansed, standardised and categorised by ESFA condition priority in Immortalis, providing a centralised view of each school and an overarching view of all schools in the trust.
  • Audit data – gaps in the imported data are pinpointed and addressed through targeted condition surveys that when complete, provide the trust with a comprehensive and complete view of each schools’ component condition.
  • Identify priorities – Immortalis applies a Red, Amber, Green status to each component based on its’ condition and pre-set priority hierarchy. Algorithms automatically assign a timeframe for renewal or repair of each component based on condition and priority hierarchy, producing a need based, five year planned maintenance schedule.
  • Identify costs – Immortalis automates a cost schedule from the planned maintenance schedule, based on the scope of works required. Costs are derived from prevailing market rates, which are monitored and adjusted in line with the market (through regular best value procurement exercises) and CPI to ensure ongoing accuracy.
  • Appraise options – the generated planned maintenance schedule is reviewed with the Trust to allow the accurate sequencing of works to available funding. We add value here by advising on the optimal sequence and batching of works to avoid duplicated preliminary costs and ensure that an optimal price can be secured via targeted procurement. For trusts with a budget deficit, we advise on options to generate inward investment. If eligible we can help you formulate a targeted, needs driven CIF bid strategy.
  • Procurement – when the trust is satisfied with their planned maintenance programme, Warneford Consulting can assist by procuring the work packages on the trust’s behalf. Warneford Consulting and Immortalis have an extensive network of pre-vetted, appropriately accredited and quality trusted supply chain partners, covering all planned estate management specialisms, most of whom we have worked with successfully over 10 + years.
  • Project Management – Warneford Consulting can provide a comprehensive project management service to ensure all works procured are executed and delivered with the upmost sensitivity to the schools’ operations and often outside of term time. Our project team brings over 20 years of education specific construction delivery, providing you with confidence that quality works will be delivered on time, to budget and with zero harm.

What’s different about it?

Immortalis Asset Management has been designed and build specifically for academy trusts with its’ development and testing overseen and endorsed by critical friends who are experts in the fields of trust estate, asset and cost management.

Immortalis Solutions

The system is designed to be easy to navigate and utilise, providing visual and easy to interpret analytics that assist the trust with complex investment decisions and help them clearly explain investment options and decisions to school governors.

The system is scalable and designed so that new school estate data can be added and integrated into the estate portfolio simply and quickly, allowing the trust to evaluate the impact of absorbing new schools into its’ estate.

Costs generated by the system are kept up to date from continuous market monitoring via open market procurements and actual project costs to ensure ongoing accuracy.

How can I be sure it’ll meet my trusts needs?

Warneford Consulting pride ourselves on delivering a tailored, quality service, key to which is our ongoing consultation with the trust, to confirm that the service we are providing meets your specific needs, preferences and expectations.

We commit to assisting you through every step of the journey, tailoring our system as required to meet the trust’s exact and evolving needs.

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Watch our video below ‘What does a Capital Estate Management Programme do?’

“Tim has produced a fully dynamic costed estate management tool that has allowed the trust for the first time, to see the extent of our assets and liabilities in both meta and granular detail. As a trust that continues to expand, we will be using this very system to inform us as part of a future due diligence package”

Nicki Taylor, Director of Estates


“Warneford consulting has secured in the past 2 years, nearly £4 million of Condition Improvement Fund for the trust and as we move towards School Condition Allocation funding, we will be keen to commission Tim to undertake both due diligence and strategic estate management services”

David Harrison, Chief Operating Officer