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Trust estate management

Trust Estate Management

Warneford Consulting and Immortalis have combined estate management, procurement, cost and programme management expertise to develop a sector specific academy trust, estate management service.

Designed specifically to help trusts navigate through each stage of the estate management journey, this client-tailored service provides trust estate managers with the tools and route map to plan, budget, and execute works cost-efficiently.

Why do I need it?

Trusts must ensure and evidence that their investment in assets prioritises building safety and compliance, targets areas in poor condition, improves energy efficiency and addresses any health and safety issues.

To do this it is imperative to understand how each school space is used, the condition of the key components that comprise those spaces, and how each school compares to the rest of the trust portfolio.

Immortalis is designed to allow central capture and visualisation of asset data across the trust estate and provides an automated algorithm for the prioritisation of works based on estate management best practice.

Warneford Consulting provides condition improvement funding (CIF) eligible trusts evidence to substantiate need, priority, and impact, increasing chances of award success.

How Does It Work?

Understanding the complexity and resource intensity involved in collating, evaluating, and analysing the breadth of asset data sets that make up a trust’s estate, Warneford Consulting, takes clients through a step-by-step journey which is tailored specifically to the trust’s data and asset management maturity as follows.

What’s Different About It?

Immortalis Asset Management has been designed and built specifically for academy trusts with its’ development and testing overseen and endorsed by critical friends who are experts in the fields of trust estate, asset and cost management.

The system is designed to be easy to navigate and use, providing visual and easy-to-interpret analytics that assist the trust with complex investment decisions and help them clearly explain investment options and decisions to school governors.

The system is scalable and designed so that new school estate data can be added and integrated into the estate portfolio simply and quickly, allowing the trust to evaluate the impact of absorbing new schools into its estate.

Costs generated by the system are kept up to date from continuous market monitoring via open market procurements and actual project costs to ensure ongoing accuracy.

How can I be sure it’ll meet my trust’s needs?

Warneford Consulting delivers a tailored, quality service, the key to which is our ongoing consultation, to ensure that the service we are providing meets your specific needs, preferences, and expectations. We commit to assisting you through every step of the journey, tailoring our system as required to meet the trust’s exact and evolving needs.

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