Warneford Consulting Academy Funding Consultancy Podcast

Welcome to Developing the Trust: Joining the Dots, a series of Podcasts in which Tim sets out to explore ways in which those providing professional services across the academy sector are able to assist their school clients secure funding, attract inward investment and ensure that schools maximise their existing resources to best effect.

Whether the trust is looking for legal advice to expands their Trust or navigate complexities for land disposal or accountancy and banking advice on how to optimise their budgets, Tim has sought out advice from those best placed to provide it

Running throughout the series, is the theme of continuous improvement and how lessons learned can be shared collaboratively, so that future waves of academy convertors can benefit and be better prepared for operational life under market conditions.

One aim of the series is gain commitment from those hand-picked sector leaders, to contribute to a pilot scheme to set a new standard in due diligence best practice. Watch this space.

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