Tim Warneford appearing at the ISBL London and South East Regional Conference

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On Tuesday 7th of February, Warneford Consulting Director, Tim Warneford, will be appearing at the ISBL London and South East Regional Conference in a workshop to talk ‘Big Impact Sustainability’, Tackling School Sustainability as School Business Professionals.

ISBL is inviting School Business Professionals to kickstart professionals’ new year’s professional development journey with them on the 7th of February at the Ambassador Bloomsbury Hotel, just a jump, hop and a skip from Euston, St Pancras and Kings Cross Stations.

They’ll be kicking off the conference with a keynote presentation from VWV’s Naseem Nabi on the topical theme of strike action. Following this, London’s Regional Director, Claire Burton will give a roundup of the challenges and priorities for the capital. Delegates can then enjoy a selection of workshops and roundtables including Laura Williams’ career booster workshop, our big-impact-sustainability workshop, where Tim appears, and the employment and governance-focused roundtables.

Sustainability is a culture and it affects every facet of school life. In this session, they’ll aim to give a comprehensive and practitioner-driven guide to how School Business Professionals can easily kickstart and actively lead on sustainability. With inspirational stories from those who have already been through the learning processes, they’ll explore what delivers impact, where and how to start, and what support and funding is available.

View the event agenda here.