CIF: It’s Never Too Early…

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Before locking the school gates and heading off for a well-earned spot of R&R, the summer break is an ideal time for Warneford Consulting to be undertaking surveys and preparing the ground for your December Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) submission.

CIF bid falls short for a whole host of different reasons, but one of the key explanations is the fact that too few are afforded the time and care that a successful one will need. 

For that reason, it is never too early to start your trust’s journey towards achieving the DfE’s best practice guide to Good Estate Management for Schools (GEMS) and to commence gathering compliance and condition data in readiness for December 2023’s CIF submissions.

We have found that the quality of the reports that underwrite the CIF bids are significantly better when they are undertaken ahead of the autumn months, when the demand for these services is at a fever pitch, with many hundreds of other trusts seeking surveys to support their own applications.

Warneford Consulting offers a tailored and customer-centric CIF service, providing you with a single, continuous, and empowered point of contact to guide you through the preparation, submission, and delivery phase of every bid and project.

If you would like us to review a failed application or would like an honest appraisal of your current chances of being awarded a bid, we would be delighted to assist.

Contact us touch to discuss your CIF requirements.