Tim Warneford interviewed by BBC 5 Live

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On Tuesday 28th June, Tim Warneford participated in a discussion about the wider school estate funding challenges, and the specific risk posed by Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC), on BBC Radio 5 Live.

School buildings constructed in the 1950’s are most likely to have been built with RAAC and with a life expectancy of approximately 30 years, the risk of a school building collapsing, or its failure causing a death or injury has now been rated critical by the Department of Education. 

Sixty-five schools have been identified as having RAAC and a few have been ordered to close immediately, with thousands more yet to provide information.  

There is increasing concern that not all schools are even aware of its existence due to both its inaccessibility at roof height or that it may have been over-boarded and is not visible.

Tim recently added his voice to the calls for funding to be made available for cash-strapped schools in the identification and subsequent remedial works, for those whose buildings contain RAAC. 

You can listen to the interview now via the video below, or listen to the entire episode here.