17. Harvey Sinclair, CEO E Energy PLC

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On this episode Tim talks to Harvey Sinclair, a technology entrepreneur and CEO of E Energy PLC about the fast-moving world of lighting and also electrified heating discussing how schools can save energy and indeed costs by changing their electrics.


On this episode we cover: 

Harvey’s background in the industry

Schools struggling with capital investment

Efficiency upgrades always way down the list

Switching to LED to fund savings

Salix being attractive but fraught with problems

Offering a Salix advisory process

Need a high quality energy services provider with experience in schools

Most schools considered LED lighting but not gone through with it

Can be a partner for advising and auditing

Launched the new fund to support the 0% funding solution

Investing 5 million into their business model

Having a seamless data collection process

Collecting date in an unobtrusive way

Capturing data quickly and accurately

The number of pupils can roughly give an estimate of costs

Calculating by room by zoning buildings during operating hours

Installing over 70 calls in 8 weeks of summer holidays

Having the capacity to do 20-30 schools a month

The 3 year plan to fit 3000 schools

10% of the schools market

Looking into electrified heating as well as lighting

Being a specialised energy company

Will conduct a no win no fee survey that will turn into complete proposal for the school

Cost of delay is the biggest value driver of any energy project

They can be on site within a week

Then two weeks later a report will be finished

Having exclusive products specific to education market

A ten year warranty and within a week delivery