18. CIF Update and How to Create a Successful Bid

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The hot topic of conversation across the sector is the recent update from the ESFA, revealing that the much awaited publication of the 2021-22 round of Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) awards, have been postponed until ‘mid-June’.

This episode looks at the impact of the delay, why CIF bids fail and how to ensure your CIF submission stands the best chance of success.


On this episode we explore:


The latest news on CIF

The announcement being not was anticipated.

The updates on gov.uk including the size of the CIF allocation (£502 Million)

A drop from last year’s double round of CIF of £620 Million

But up by 20% on previous years CIF pot of circa £440 million

The ESFA saying mid-June’ will still give lead-in time

Post Brexit issues

The knock on-effect of more projects will be delivered in term time

An increase in health and safety risks and for disruption for schools

Some trusts may defer projects until next year

Stiff competition between CIF eligible schools

Why CIF Bids fail

Tim’s recommended approach for a successful bid

How to make a bid stand out



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