16. Steve Bolt, Director of BCR Associates

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Tim Warneford is in Alton, Hampshire, with Steve Bolt, director of BCR Associates, a cost management consultancy that support clients – including academies – to increase efficiency, manage risk, ensure compliance and rationalise procurement costs. Tim and Steve are also working on a collaboration with Lloyds Bank education team to support academy trusts seeking to assist academy trust to optimise resources and maximise potential.


On this episode we cover:


The challenges of managing large estates, buildings and energy efficiency

BCR understand how a site consumes energy

They will audit and review their energy

To allow academies to help educate staff and pupils on energy consumption

Looking at what is going in the energy metres

Getting clamps sponsored so there’s no outlay for the school

Schools taking positive steps towards reducing energy consumption

Pupils then looking at global warming and climate change

DfE encouraging people to address carbon reduction

Lockdown reducing energy consumption worldwide

Schools being encouraged to invest in technology

Analysing data collected about a school’s energy management

Schools having three contract options for energy

Over 27 government levies and taxes in energy products 

Making sure contracts allow schools to reduce energy without penalties

The commercial world having more flexibility than LEA schools

Gas prices at ten year low due to lockdown

Financial challenges always there for schools

Grants that are available to support capital outlay

Creative solutions such as renting roof space for cheaper electricity

‘Educating the educators’ to make savings

Operating leases versus power purchase agreements

Encouraging estates to reinvest back into income generating schemes

Schools adding carbon management into the curriculum

Pupils getting involved with carbon saving initiatives

Making schools as cost effective as possible

Suggest schools review their current contracts for electricity and a gas

A mid market review will enable schools to negotiate mid-contract and save cash

Tim’s revamped due diligence package

Academies can expect a 5-10% energy cost increase each year

Considering the above it is key for academies and schools to act on energy consumption now

Schools needing to have energy plans in place