15. Kevin Yardley, Director of Income Generation of The Generations Multi Academy Trust

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tim Warneford is once again out and about now lockdown is easing –  travelling and recording with all social distancing in mind of course – to speak to Kevin Yardley at The Generations Multi Academy Trust. Kevin is director of income generation and his role is to ensure the estates facilities yield substantial revenue streams through optimising letting opportunities and via external partnerships.


On this episode we cover:


The impact of Covid 19

Being lucky that the trust is financially secure

But still being hit hard

Main priority being protecting customer base

Kevin’s background as a lawyer, criminal barrister and swimming coach!

Working in the London 2012 Olympics

Going as far as possible to deliver value for the client

Navigating the 2008 financial crisis

His son helping him get his current job

Generating school income to academic vision

The holistic benefits to the school and community

Organisational attitude being key to raising capital

Setting about a cultural change in conjunction with the teachers

Bringing in a new booking system

Opening the hall as a venue for large family events (including a wedding)

Bringing new community groups into the school

Looking at pop up restaurants and dinner clubs

Hosting South African swing band nights

Being part of a very inclusive decision making process

Consistently recruiting and retaining outstanding teachers

Upgrading to a 3G sports pitch leading to a lot of opportunities

Being proud to partner with Tottenham Hotspur

Being the premier site for Spurs’ women and girls team

The trustees demanding a very high quality of work

Measuring any risk in business plans

Engaging closely with County Sports Partnership and Sports England

Negotiating with SFE and Dept of Education

Primary purpose is always to deliver a fantastic educational service

Secondary purpose is to generate income

Using external consultant to support projects

Upgrading to LED energy efficient units

Having a CFO and Estates Manager meaning meticulous management

Taking time to building and maintain relationships with customers

Government funding announcements having a level of duplicity

Every child needing a fair funding structure

Wishing to leaving a physical legacy of improved facilities at each of the schools he works with, each school to be financially secure and increased community engagement in sport and other activities

The sporting quote that drives him

Delivering free school meals during the summer holidays

Being confident about working their way out of the Covid crisis