Your Journey to Energy and Carbon Reduction

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Are you looking at opportunities to save on your energy costs and become more sustainable? 

Green Net Zero and Warneford Consulting have collaborated to provide schools with a full suite of energy-related services. Our vision is to create a service that can support schools in assessing the existing condition of their built environment and infrastructure, and provide a costed prioritised programme of fabric condition improvements, energy efficiency measures, energy generation, plus a transition towards decarbonisation. 

UK schools and colleges account for around a quarter of the public sector’s carbon emissions.  

Recognising this, the government aims for the education sector to reach net zero by 2030. However, many school buildings are outdated, poorly insulated, and thermally inefficient, making this goal challenging. We understand that the path to decarbonisation can be daunting, but we are here to guide you every step of the way. 

Our Journey to Decarbonisation Energy Report, conducted in partnership with Green Net Zero, provides a thorough assessment of your school’s current energy use and building performance. 


Here’s how the process works: 

Comprehensive Energy Audit 

Together, we will analyse your school’s energy consumption and building efficiency. This includes a detailed review of heating systems, insulation, and current energy performance. 

Actionable Solutions 

Based on the findings, we provide tailored solutions to enhance energy efficiency. This could involve optimizing existing systems, improving insulation, or transitioning to low-carbon alternatives. 

Return on Investment and Funding Advice 

We help you understand the commercial implications of proposed changes, identifying potential funding routes such as grants and government schemes to support your decarbonisation efforts. 

Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy 

Our approach emphasises a ‘fabric-first’ strategy, ensuring your building is as energy-efficient as possible before implementing new technologies. We also consider the practicalities of replacing outdated, carbon-intensive assets in a cost-effective manner. 

Support with Design and Delivery of Solutions 

Many of the energy and carbon reduction solutions we identify require an element of design, and the use of specialist installers. We have the facility to provide design assistance, and access to a vast network of local providers that can help deliver competitive solutions to the highest standards.

Working with Green Net Zero and Warneford Consulting will give your school a clear, concise blueprint for achieving a more energy-efficient and sustainable estate. Our reports are designed to be accessible to all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone from administrators to facility managers can understand and act on our recommendations. 

We recognise the unique challenges faced by educational institutions, particularly the dependency on fossil fuels for heating and hot water. Our survey takes these factors into account, offering solutions that are both technically feasible and economically viable. 

Join the many schools that have begun their journey towards a greener future. We aim to create a positive, low-carbon environment for students and staff, enhancing both learning and sustainability. 

For a no-obligation Teams meeting to review your current heating and hot water system, or wider energy reduction opportunities, email Green Net Zero at