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CIF Services

Tailored and customer centric CIF services

Warneford Consulting provides a Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bid management service, based on a no-win no fee basis.

Providing director-level service from conception to completion, Warneford Consulting has secured significant and estate-transforming successes for a large number of schools across the country.

Competition between the 5,5000 eligible academy schools to secure funding from the £500 million pot, is always fierce. Applicants must meet the DfE criteria and the bid must stand out from the crowd. That means choosing the right partner to advise on the project as well as preparing and submitting the submission is crucial.

We also support schools with Urgent Capital Support (UCS) bid management for those projects that fall outside of the CIF window.

Our approach

Our services are provided on a no-win no-fee basis, with fees recovered through the DfE-awarded projects. As such we are implicitly motivated to ensure the correct project is selected for submission, is robustly prepared, and its delivery is a success.

So, how do you ensure your CIF bid stands out from the crowd?

In partnership and consultation with our clients and supply chain partners, we assess each potential project. This gives us time to understand and demonstrate the project need, the risk of school closure, and the current impact on the school’s ability to provide its core curriculum.

Our specialist supply chain undertakes innovative, targeted surveys, to capture the detailed evidence required to demonstrate life-expired key fabric and components failure.

Itemised cost plans are produced and benchmarked against contemporary rates. With an established UK network of quality-assured, accredited, and school-sector-experienced contractors – covering all building disciplines – we guarantee a robust tendering process that evidences the best value to the DfE.

Finally, Project Plans are developed in consultation with the school, ensuring staff and pupil safety and operational continuity throughout the project.

To discuss how Warneford Consulting can help your school adopt a more strategic approach to securing vital capital funding, please contact us.

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