Our Mission And Values – Warneford Consulting Academy Funding Consultancy

Our mission and values drive everything we do at Warneford Consulting. We make sure we live our values through all of our work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be one of the academy sectors’, most trusted sources for strategic estate and funding advice.

This will be achieved through a high conversion rate of funding awards and by means of an excellent delivery experience for the client.

All parties, including client and supply chain partners, will understand the risks and rewards involved and we will work collaboratively towards a shared end goal.

This is achieved by excellent communications and a clear sense of purpose and roles and responsibilities.

Our Values

High performance
To secure funding awards for our clients and to build and retain a reputation of trust. 

For all parties involved in the process to work collaboratively towards a shared end purpose.

Making a difference, changing lives
Working in the school sector, we all have the opportunity to play a part in ensuring our school facilities support best practice teaching and learning for our students.

Developing skill sets
People and organisations keep learning and improving and all
connected parties to be encouraged to share best practice and innovate to achieve a leaner service.

Being Transparent and developing trusting relationships.
Trust from school clients is the key to success and must be maintained. Trust in selected supply chain partners is also essential, therefore transparency and trust is required at all times.