DfE property firm helps sell 1 surplus school site in 5 years – Tim Warneford featured in TES Magazine

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LocatED was established in 2017 with a £2 billion budget and with a remit to find sites for free schools. Over time, and as the free schools’ pipeline has slowed, this remit has changed to advising on sales of school land deemed ‘surplus’.
However, the value of this work has been questioned in light of extremely low land sales figures over the last 5 years. Given surplus land on school sites could be sold to ease housing shortages, and generate income for capital investment in schools, Warneford Consulting’s Director, Tim Warneford, was asked for his opinion by Times Education Supplement (TES).:

“There seems to be a log jam in terms of the applications that are being submitted for approval from the secretary of state for school land disposal, which does not exist for similar land sales within either the further education or higher education sectors.

LocatED are the government’s in-house property development representatives and when you look at the low number of projects that they themselves have managed to secure, it raises the question of why this is and why there haven’t been more”
Tim Warneford.

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