Condition Improvement Fund 2023-24 – What to do if your bid is unsuccessful

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Good luck to all schools awaiting the publication of the successful CIF awarded projects, scheduled for “late May”.

Given the high number of applications submitted every December, there are always three times as many unsuccessful bids.

Warneford Consulting cap the annual number of applications they submit, to ensure every submission is afforded the care and detail that is required for an award-winning bid.

So how do you make your CIF bid stand out from the crowd?

Warneford Consulting offers a tailored and customer-centric CIF bid service, providing you with a single, continuous and empowered point of contact to guide you through the preparation, submission and delivery phase of every bid and project.

Watch Warneford Consulting’s MD, Tim Warneford, talk about how to write a successful CIF bid in this short video.

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Our service is provided on a no win, no fee basis, with fees recovered through the ESFA funding award. As such, we are implicitly motivated to ensure that your CIF bid and the subsequent project delivery is a success.

We have built our service on the principle of quality above quantity, which means we can confidently say that every school that engages us is afforded the very best attention and care, as our testimonials will testify.

“I have enjoyed working with Warneford Consulting, preparing and submitting CIF applications. Tim will tell you what is and what is not possible and go the extra mile to ensure any bid is as robust as it can be”
Chris Honey, Trust Facilities Manager

If your submission is not one of the successful ones and you would be interested in further analysis as to why and where it fell short, CIF specialist and sector expert, Tim Warneford is always available to provide an objective pair of second eyes.

Just call 07970 466 010 or alternatively email