Why Value for Money is the key to a successful Condition Improvement Fund application

Last year the ESFA raised the weightings for the ‘Value for Money’ section of a Condition Improvement Fund 9CIF) submission.

The changes saw the ‘Need’ section reduced from 70%-60% and the Value for Money section increased to 25% from 15% with Project Planning kept at 15%.

There are implications for schools, consultants and the dynamics between the two of them.

Effectively, to secure the vital funding, all schools must make a financial contribution to the overall project costs of between 10-15%.

Without such a financial contribution, the pressure placed on the other two sections make it extremely difficult to reach the threshold for the award.

I have prepared a short film of my presentation at last week’s Educations Estates Conferecne and I have included the slides below.



Should you wish to discuss how I can help you with your CIF application and also explore potential means of support towards your finical contribution please contact me.

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