Tim Warneford features in Schools Week

Our Director, Tim Warneford is featured in the latest edition of Schools Week. This is what he had to say:

“It’s always good to work alongside Schools Week. They can often be the voice for our school clients and also those of us who seek to get the best that we can for our acaemy clients. I felt it was important to flag-up the moral dilemma we face, in terms of supporting those trusts with limited reserves and who struggle to meet the affordability criteria for CIF loans. Their estates cannot be left to further fall in to disrepair.

Also to question, whether it is right to award funds to schools who have failed to invest in their school estate or follow GEMS amd thus allow their buildings to fall in to poor condition and penalise those schools who have maintained their assets to achieve the maximum life span of key fabric and components.

I do hope that by raising the financial contribution level, that those trusts able and willing to invest up to 30% of the contract value, that this helps cross-subsidise those schools without the financial wherewithal to also have their projects funded.”

You can read the full article here

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