My role as a SEND link governor at Kimberley STEM College

I have been in my role as a SEND link governor at Kimberley STEM College for a little over a year, and the experience has been incredibly fulfilling on a variety of levels. The way in which the Wootton Academy Trust (WAT) responded to the initial challenges posed by the on-set of the coronavirus is an excellent illustration of how well prepared the trust were, in managing unforeseen risks and how their response mitigated identified and unidentified risks throughout the lockdown period.

The DfE and The School’s Wellbeing Partnership have recently published a document that uses examples of best practice applied by WAT in terms of ‘ethos and environment’ and also, ‘student voice’ in this timely and excellent piece that seeks to empower schools in the support of prioritising pupils wellbeing. This external recognition of how well WAT seeks to support their pupils, is a reflection of what those of us who are fortunate enough, to be a small part of the team, see every day from the committed individuals who comprise the WAT team.
It is a deeply humbling experience and one that would enrich the lives of anyone considering becoming a governor at a school.

Schools across the UK are always in need of people prepared to take on the roles and responsibilities of being governor and during these particular times, the need is greater still.


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Mental health and wellbeing in secondary schools and colleges 


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