3. Tom Kerr, Sales Director of Langley Waterproof Systems

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This week Tim travels to Daventry to speak to Tom Kerr, sales director of Langley Waterproof Systems, a company that assess and supply roofs to many public bodies in social housing, MoD and indeed in education including schools.


On this episode we cover:


Langley being suppliers and designers of high performance waterproofing systems

Working with clients throughout the UK including many public bodies –social housing, MoD and education

Taking on an asset management function – having a look at stock, fitting new roofs

What we can learn from social housing and social value

Working with contractors small and large

CIF funding on a needs basis in education

SFA’s output specification and how this has been interpreted by the industry

CDM regulations

Fluctuating BBA’s

Offering three main systems for reinforced bituline membranes

Value for money being marked up from 25 to 30%

The school’s contribution not making any difference for value for money

Clarion, in social housing, spending £15 billion over 20 years, £700m per annum

Issues regarding training young people

Addressing skills gaps in the construction industry

Recruitment issues as a result of Brexit

The construction industry facing a huge shortage of labour

An ageing workforce

Attracting more women into construction

The issues with schools creating their own tenders

10s of millions of pounds of funding that could potential help

HACT (Housing Associations Charities Trust)


The need for apprenticeships

The need to digitise everything in construction

Schools condition Data Collection Programme and formulaic funding

Encouraging everyone to think of the buildings as an asset

Concerns about the methodology of the capture of this data

Every single school having to commission their own condition survey

Schools not having the option to close down

The need for a better dialogue with the SFA

How collaboration and open dialogue with manufacturers, designers, suppliers and contractors is the key to find out what is best practice and what might give better value for money

1300 fires average in school every year