12. Lara Harvard and Zoe Forbes from Ecosphere and Gareth Williams from Eden Sustainable

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tim Warneford is in London’s West End with Lara Harvard and Zoe Forbes from Ecosphere and Gareth Williams from Eden Sustainable talking about how schools and academy trusts can both save money and also be much greener by installing better energy systems and also their exclusive offer available to both academy trusts and state schools.

On this episode we cover:

Eden Sustainable working with academy trusts and state schools that offer free solar systems to save bills

Agreeing to buy power from the solar system available at much cheaper rate

The specifics needed from the school to do this

Schools not always buying well with energy

Clean, green energy being key in fight against climate change

Eden Sustainable giving schools a lump sum up front

Ecosphere rolling out a plan across Brighton and Hove schools

Rolling out large solar PV projects

Looking at schools in a holistic way; lighting, roof, all energy

Expecting to save schools up to £30,000 a year

Many schools in end of year deficit

Vital for schools to receive further funding

Eden Sustainable flexible when it comes to inflation rate of the PPA

Schools needing to understand their current rates and how they are metred

Giving talks to get the pupils on board too

Reducing CO2 emissions being a big win

Reducing school costs also being a big win

The Pickwell Foundation, supporting charities acting on climate change and people displacement

Eden Sustainable take care of all of the planning, building control, all upfront costs, installation, insurance and maintenance of the panels

Panels can last over 25 years

20-25 lease arrangements available

Can also help boost green flag credentials

A low risk-versus-reward balance for schools

Current major projects in the pipeline

How the climate change message is key for everyone

Eden Sustainable being happy for anyone to pick up the phone and have a chat