11. Chris Rose, Director, Karadoo Finance, Donate My School, Windsor

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Tim Warneford is in Windsor to speak to Chris Rose, Director, Karadoo Finance, Donate My School, a company that launched in 2018 with the function of creating and running crowdfunding campaigns for schools.


On this episode we cover:


Finding the Independent schools sector unusual in operation

Launching into the state school sector

Quickly becoming apparent the was a need for what they do

Being a commercial business that loves seeing a positive impact the sereice has on schools

Being ‘just giving for schools’

Allowing schools to run different crowdfunding campaigns

Finding a cultural shift underway where schools are getting more comfortable asking parents for a donation

Rapidly finding that fundraising platform fees can be complex

Launching in response to a clear and apparent need for schools to have help

Staff in schools being stretched

Creating an effective formula for crowdfunding campaigns

The success of their first campaign – for laptops for a primary school

Having now raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for schools

Engaging the community with crowdfunding projects

The state education sector being ambitious through enrichment

Academies no longer being at the mercy or indeed generosity of the Local Authority

8500 schools having academised but 14000 not yet converted

believing that all schools needed to raise additional funds

Having around 25 campaigns ready to launch in the autum term

Being emotional about the heartwarming thank you videos they’ve received